State Theatre at Playhouse Square

New York based Evergreene Architectural Art and The Dependable Painting Company were selected to complete the first restoration in 31 years at The State Theatre. Located in Cleveland’s famous Playhouse Square District, we had a tight timeframe of two months to restore the theater before their busy subscription season commenced.

Restoration work included repairs to damaged and broken plaster ornamentation. This was done through a combination of mold making and casting, hand tooling and injection, and securing with consolidation material.

The project required 10,500 hours to complete the theater alone. Fifteen paint colors and four glazes were used, and more than 60 molds were cast. A warmer, more regal color palette was selected for the restoration, and the variation in colors helped to accentuate the beautiful plaster details. Gilding work was completed with composition gold and imitation silver. Stenciling was done with handmade stencil patterns. Stretch fabric wallcovering and custom made vinyl wallcoverings were installed throughout the auditorium.

  • In Conjunction with: Evergreene Architectural Arts